Thought-Leaders Of The
#slowfashion Movement

Happy International Women's Day!

To mark the occasion we're celebrating our favourite #slowfashion trailblazers and #ethical change-makers, breaking conventions in the fashion industry.

Some of the women who inspire us in our mission as an ethical, sustainable, and earth-friendly brand.

Thanks to women like these, more people are slowing down and thinking about their consumption than ever before. Their work and leadership in championing people and the planet is inspiring to say the least.

The effect of the pandemic is having on the fashion industry has really shone a light on its failings, exposing greenwashing, exclusivity and exploitation of marginalised workers, to name a few.

But these women, (activists, thought-leaders, educators, consultants - and more) have long been flying the flag for a more sustainable, diverse and ethical future.


Céline is a Lebanese-Canadian designer, advocate, writer and founder of Slow Factory, a non-profit focusing on human rights and environmental justice in the fashion industry. Being born in Lebanon during the war and bearing witness to the ethical and environmental injustices, Céline has a deep rooted ambition driving her incredible work.

Her Slow Factory organisation offers an incredible wealth of resources to educate on transparency, greenwashing, scientific innovation and initiatives that benefit both the planet and people. We're a big fan of her work to drive change through free education and resources.


Next up is one of the fashion industries most vocal and public advocates for sustainability, Livia Firth. A self-proclaimed activist, Livia is the founder of Eco-Age, a sustainability consultancy working with brands such as Stella McCartney, Gucci and Chopard to improve supply chain ethics and responsible production practices.

She was executive director on the incredible Netflix documentary "The True Cost" and, as an avid women's right's campaigner, Livia recently teamed up with friend and singer Annie Lenox to launch The Circle, an advocacy group empowering women around the world to overcome poverty.


Last but certainly not least is the wonderful Aja Barber, writer and fashion consultant - specialising in race, intersectional feminism and sustainable ethical fashion.

Aja is a life-long advocate of ethical fashion, especially fair wages and the effect fast fashion has on developing nations. Never one to shy away from challenging conversations, Aja is bold and brave in her approach to uncover the drivers of consumer culture, and the behaviour change needed to become a clean fashion industry. Her new book recently launched for pre-order and promises to be as enlightening as it is rousing - "Consumed: On colonialism, climate change, consumerism & the need for collective change".

With leading ladies like these sharing their resources with us, we're all well placed to learn, unlearn and take action to join them as part of the #slowfashion movement and conscious consumers.

To celebrate International Women's Day we'll be donating $5 from every sale today, and $2 from every sale for the rest of March to Woman:United, a charity organisation dedicated to empowering marginalised working women all over the world.

We hope you enjoy celebrating these incredible women with us today, and as always, thank you for being a part of our journey.

With love,
Free The Label

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