La Liberté D'Aimer

Escape with Free The Label

Welcome to our first Brand Film.

An expression of freedom, love and life’s endless journeys. An adventure of the heart. 

Sometimes the everyday leaps of faith go unnoticed. Subtle in their form, but not small in their magnificence.

Inspired in part by our French roots, we tell the story of our Free The label muse. 

Daring to follow her heart, live outside the constraints of society's ideal and surrender to the unknown, to live a life of fulfillment, freedom and adventure.

In the backdrop of a safe, loveless and monotonous existence, she starts to hear the whispers of her heart. Igniting the excitement of the unknown. Exploring what lies beyond the horizon.

She is alive again, she softly treads a new path. Letting go of her conventional life, and enjoying the magic of new beginnings. 

In this space she blooms. And with expression comes liberation.

Embracing the unknown, she is Free.

Trusting the call of her heart, she is Free.


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