Free The Label was born from a desire to create ethical, sustainable, earth conscious and beautiful clothing. Pieces that would last through style trends, time and generations.

A note from our founder & designer…

"After years of being in this industry, I decided I wanted to create my own label, something that felt clean. So I could be proud of everything from the materials, to the production process, and even the attention to the packaging. I figured if quality, ethics, sustainability and price were important to me, they would be to others as well." - Saffron

 We consider the environment at every stage of production, from sourcing textiles, dyeing, packaging and posting

The fashion industry is one of the most detrimental industries to the environment, 84% of fast fashion ends up in landfill each year! Most clothing is made of man-made fabrics that don’t decompose, sewn in sweatshops under insanely unethical conditions, sold as a trend item, used and literally thrown away! But we think fashion can be a force for good.

Our philosophy is to be as earthy-friendly and mindful with all that we do as a business and a brand. Here are some of the things we do to make sure we’re treading as lightly as possible...

We only use sustainable materials

Linen, the fabric we use most, is a completely sustainable plant. In fact, the entire plant can be used. The flaxseed / linseed can be eaten or pressed for oils, and the fibers are spun into soft and durable Linen fabric. Which has 3-4 growth cycles per year and doesn't require any harsh chemical sprays to grow. 

We create ethically, responsibly and carefully

All our products are beautifully hand-crafted with responsible production practices at their core. We care deeply about ethical labour, and carefully oversee our production facility in Bali to ensure our supply chain supports fair labour and working conditions. As a small business, we are able to intentionally partner with small family-run factories that support the local economy. We’re proud to be a force for good in the fashion industry, and we know you feel the same.

We are sustainable style and #slowfashion

We are a slow fashion label, creating pieces that are added to over seasons. Small capsules for the everyday. Our styles are thoughtfully designed to be timeless and elegant, built to last with high quality materials. We encourage a thoughtful approach to shopping. Inspiring conscious consumption and a ‘buy less, buy better’ philosophy that emphasises investing in quality items that have timeless style and low cost-per-wear.

Our mission is to create clothes that are timeless AND affordable, stylish AND ethically made, thoughtfully designed AND high quality.

We give back

Free The Label Donates a % of all online sales to a charity close to our hearts - Mission Pawsible, an Australian charity based on the Island of Bali. The incredible team work tirelessly to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home animals from terrible situations. Giving those without a voice a fighting chance.

One of our FTL mascots Michi was rescued by Mission Pawsible. Without their love and care she would have died on the side of the road, now she is a cherished member of our family. The selfless work they do is so incredible, they are fearless and kind and they see hope where most see none.

We are honoured to be able to share their story and support a worthy cause. 


Free The Label is committed to being part of the solution and a force for good 

Thank you for being part of our journey x

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