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Giving back to charities will always be an important part of our ethical fashion culture at Free The Label. Being able to support causes close to our hearts, all over the world, has been something we've consciously woven into the DNA of our brand since day one.

Ethics are a core consideration of our every day, and this deep care extends beyond just responsible production practices. Each month we make a donation to a different charity and spread awareness of their campaigns with you, our community. This month we've been privileged enough to support Bali Street Mums, whose founder Kim shared the story behind her inspiring organisation.

This Month's Charity: Bali Street Mums

Having worked closely with families here in Indonesia, Bali for the last 16 years, it's important for us to give back by supporting charities that make a difference to the most vulnerable. As our business grows, we're more committed than ever to help as much as we can.

The Island of Bali is both idyllic and beautiful, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia, and there is a good reason why, it truly has such raw and enchanting beauty. Despite having previously welcomed millions of tourists per year to the Island, following the disastrous effects of the global pandemic many of Bali's inhabitants are now living in extreme poverty.

What does ‘Bali Street Mums' charity do?

'Bali Street Mums provides desperately needed resources including shelter, clothing, education, basic health care and food to the impoverished women and children of Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. We're breaking the tragic cycle of impoverished mums, begging children and human trafficking'.

'Our programs focus on empowerment through education, housing, skill development, and nutrition. Our small team has managed to help over 400 women and children of Denpasar with desperately needed resources in this last year.'

Bali Street Mums

What urgent challenges do Balinese women and children face right now?

Bali Street Mum's: ‘Balinese Women and Children in particular face extreme challenges to survival. High unemployment and little education, infant mortality and malnutrition. Add to this the danger of trafficking and forced prostitution. Unsanitary conditions in substandard housing, lack of running water, prevalent sewage. It's a combination of circumstances that creates a cycle that's difficult to break out of without the support of organisations like ours'

How does your work help mums and children in Bali?

Bali Street Mum's: ‘Our Safe House now provides a refuge and home for 75 children, 11 babies and 35 mothers. The children and mothers come from impoverished villages high up on the volcanic mountains of Bali. They come to the urban streets to beg. Begging is very dangerous for a child. Often children are kidnapped from the streets, trafficked and abused. We rescue children from horrific circumstances. It is these children that live at our Safe House, receiving care, counselling , schooling and safety.

Bali Street Mums

How will donations make a positive impact on the lives of children in Bali?

Bali Street Mum's: Life can be indescribably tough for children here, and often abuse and tragedy goes unnoticed. One of our success stories is a beautiful soul called Nadia who is now 13 years old. Nadia's mother disappeared when Nadia was nine years old which left her vulnerable to abuse. She was raped and trafficked for 3 years by her Uncle and his friend, and found locked in a hotel room by hotel staff. The Uncle then repeatedly rented Nadia to a gang of traffickers. Nadia now lives at our Safe house where we provide counselling, care and protection for her. She is enjoying school lessons and having her own bed with a giant soft teddy that she chose. With support from private donors and brands such as you we are able to protect and help children like Nadia.

These harrowing stories are just a few that Kim shared with us of the many children that her organisation Bali Street Mum's charity supports to gain a better future. This is where donations go and these are the real stories behind the children and families suffering in Bali.

At Free The Label we are on an educational, and ongoing journey.
We want to ensure we are always making clear, honest and thoughtful choices to help communities both near and far.
We are committed to inform ourselves on the best ways to give back. We feel it's our responsibility to be intentional and build our business in a considerate way.

This incredible charity is so inspiring, helping families and children in Bali.
If you feel moved by these stories, please support this magnificent charity.
You can learn more about the work Kim and her team do at Bali Street Mums.
Donate today to this important organisation.

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